N2 by Les Néréides Women’s Cloud, Rainbow and Sun Fine Necklace in Multicolor

Collection Description
Product Description
Up in the air or up in the clouds? N2 By Les Néréides has made the Up in the Air collection to take you to the heavens! A cloud with soft eyes makes a few drops of blue glass beaded rain over a rainbow and a bright, yellow sun...After the rain comes good weather! This original and colourful costume necklace is perfect for a beautiful summer. This pendant necklace is made up of gold-plated brass. The sun and the cloud are made up of 3D resin, each detail is hand-painted. The rainbow is made up of gold-plated brass and is hand-enamelled. The small chains and necklace chain are adorned with fantasy beads.AKTE306/1 AKTE306/1
Product Details
50 cm Length, 2.5 cm Width, 5 cm Extension, 11.74 g Weight
Style #: AKTE306/1
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