Golden Fields Buttercup and ears of wheat necklace

At midsummer, the fields take a golden hue. Here and there, wildflowers, poppies, cosmos, cornflowers and buttercups can be found, like pointillist touches of primary colors.AJCO312/1 AJCO312/1
The buttercup and ears of wheat necklace is a unique creation, designed by La Maison Les Néréides, for the collection "Golden Fields". The stunning buttercup is made of brass, gilded with 18kt gold, and its pistil center,replaced with a carved crystal. This piece is also adorned with fantasy beads, a flower and an ear of wheath, all made of brass, gilded with 18kt gold. 40cm Length 5cm Extension
40cm + 5cm
Style #: AJCO312/1
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