N2 by Les Néréides Women’s Honeybee and Balloons Pendant Necklace in Blue

Collection Description
Product Description
Discover the Up in the Air collection, from N2 by Les Néréides, an unusual collection in the world of costume jewellery for women. Very cheerful and colourful, the N2 collections know how to enchant your daily life. How can you resist this ultra-cute honeybee and its pretty coloured balloons? This pendant necklace is made up of gold-plated brass. The balloons and little bee are made up of 3D resin, each detail are hand-enamelled. These elements feature three faceted crystals. The bee's wings are hand-painted and made up of gold-plated brass. The chain is adorned with fantasy beads.AKTE307/1 AKTE307/1
Product Details
50 cm Length, 3.6 cm Width, 5 cm Extension, 14.06 g Weight
Style #: AKTE307/1
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