N2 by Les Néréides Women’s Moon and Sun Adjustable Ring in Yellow

Collection Description
Product Description
A sun and moon duo ? Who is the sun of your life or the moon of your nights? The smiling sun, courting a lovely crescent moon...Up in the Air collection invites you to the stars, not without some fun and a whole lot of quirkiness! Dress your hands with a designer jewel that is easy to wear and fun in many ways: N2 by Les Néréides, or the art of not taking yourself seriously! This adjustable rind is made up of gold-plated brass. The moon and sun are made up of 3D resin.AKTE601/1 AKTE601/1
Product Details
2.4 cm Length, 2.4 cm Width, 5.72 g Weight
Style #: AKTE601/1
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