Les Néréides Women’s Mysterious Garden Corals, aquatic mushrooms and flowers on faceted glass ring in 6 (52mm)

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Product Description
Discover our corals, aquatic mushrooms and flowers on faceted glass ring! Natural curiosities have invested the imaginary world of Les Néréides. Associating astonishing coral like shapes with exotic flowers, this garden blooming at the edges of reality deploys a palette of brightly colored enamels with metallic accents, enhanced with rhinestones, cut glass and pearls.AIFM601/1 AIFM601/11 AIFM601/12 AIFM601/13 AIFM601/14
Product Details
This ring is made up in a 14kt gold plated, hand enameled brass. This piece of jewellery for woman is delicatly adorned with rhinestones and hand faceted glass. A pure and unique creation made by Les Néréides - Paris.
Style #: AIFM601/1
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