Les Néréides Women’s Dreams Of Orchids Euglossine Bee pendant necklace in Multi

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Emerging from a kaleidoscopic dream, whimsical and acrobatic flowers storm the tops of large tropical trees with their nimble lianas. The diversity of the elusive orchid is fascinating: the pearly Phalaenopsis deploys its delicate butterfly petals while the Cattleya bursts like a multi-coloured, baroque firework. Queen of illusions, the orchid’s colourful pattern can take on the appearance of a psychedelic panther or hint at a vanitas painting. Even the bees that revel in its precious nectar have donned ceremonial attire.
Product Description

A must-have accessory to complement any outfit, this pendant necklace features a euglossine bee with micro-pave wings and cut crystals. Known as the "orchid bee", it will enhance your outfit for a special occasion or for everyday wear. Discover the Dreams of Orchids collection of costume jewelry. Pendant Necklace: Fine gold-plated jewelry, bee with micro paved wings and cut crystals Length: 40 cm Extension: 5 cm Width: 1.35cm Depth: 0.8 cm Weight: 4.6g  

AOOC311/1 AOOC311/1
Product Details
Fine gold-plated jewellery, bee with micropaved wings and cut crystals
Lenght:40cmExtension:5cmWidth:1.35cmDepth:0.8cmWeight: 4.6g
Style #: AOOC311/1
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