Suspended Garden Pomegranate thin necklace

Cultivate your tropical garden with the pomegranate thin necklace from the "Suspended Garden" collection. The splendid ruby pomegranate decorated with rhinestones is hanging from a branch of tropical leaves. This verdant necklace will bring freshness to the summer season.The pomegranate thin necklace features an 18 karats gold-plated brass chain and enamel dots. It is made of hand-enmaled gold-plated brass, cut crystal, rose quartz pearls and rhinestones. 45cm Length and 5cm ExtensionAJJS304/1 AJJS304/1
Decidely inspired by exotism this year, Les Néréides is cultivating its tropical garden. Rose quartz berries, rhinestones pomegrates, bananas and cocoa beans from spectacular garlands.
45cm + 5cm
Style #: AJJS304/1
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