Golden Fields Pastoral flowers bouquet bangle bracelet

At midsummer, the fields take a golden hue. Here and there, wildflowers, poppies, cosmos, cornflowers and buttercups can be found, like pointillist touches of primary colors.AJCO202/1 AJCO202/1
A true ode to the summertime nature's beauty, this pastoral flowers bouquet bangle bracelet, from the collection "Golden Fields", will elegantly bloom on your wrists. Poppy, cornflowers and myosotis feature buttercup flowers and ears of wheat to create an exceptionnal summer flower composition.The bangle bracelet is made of brass, gilded with 18 karat gold, the flowers are made of brass and are hand-enameled. This piece aslo presents a fantasy bead, carved crystals and silvery metal. 1,5 cm length.
Length: 1.5cm
Style #: AJCO202/1
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