Les Néréides Women’s Ostentatious Obscurity Waving Snake Around Faceted Glass Signet Ring in 7 (54mm)

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Collection Description
This collection stands at the counterpart of its sister collection Dazzling Discretion. It differentiates itself through its sophisticated materials and its more obscure symbols. As a contemporary collection that brings together marbled stones and faceted crystal glass, it showcases fashion jewelry pieces featuring dark but yet fascinating insects.
Product Description
Every season, Les Néréides explores a most unexpected, darker thematic. After Ancient Egypt, Memento Mori reminds us that everything has an end. Hand enameled key symbols like a skull, a candle or a butterfly emphasize the fragility of life.AHOO605 AHOO605/11 AHOO605/12 AHOO605/13 AHOO605/14
Product Details
Hand enameled brass, rhinestones, reconstituted stones, crystal glass, 3D resin, 14k gold plated brass chains
Style #: AHOO605
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