N2 by Les Néréides Women’s Hot Air Balloon, Moon and Cloud Pendant Collar in Multicolor

Collection Description
Product Description
A bright summer night, a balloon in the distance, under the light of a crescent moon and some stars...The Up in the Air collection, from N2 by Les Néréides invites you to dream of these small scenes all as cute as each other. A friendly moon, a laughing sun, a cheeky honeybee, clouds with sweet eyes...how can you resist every piece? The setting and chain of this pendant necklace are made up of gold-plated brass. The cloud, sun and hot-air balloon are made up of 3D resin, each detail is hand-painted. The chain is adorned with fantasy beads.AKTE308/1 AKTE308/1
Product Details
45 cm Length, 3.1 cm Width, 5 cm Extension, 8.81 g Weight
Style #: AKTE308/1
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