Les Nereides Women’s Miraculous Harvest Blueberry Branch Stud Earrings in Blue

Estimated Shipping Date: January 13, 2021
Collection Description
For once, Nature lands the leading inspirational role for the artistic direction of its miraculous harvest. Each piece, from the brooch to the adjustable ring, including a majestic bib necklace, is handmade and offers you a privileged setting in the world of high-end costume jewellery. Discover also in our collection all our stud earrings to wear everyday to brighten up your outfits with wild fruits shining like diamonds. Real little gems with a haute couture look are hidden there, find them now on our online jewellery website.
Product Description

Make some space in your jewellery box to welcome creative ear jewellery this winter. This pair of earrings and its cluster of blueberries in lapis lazuli is available in the Miraculous Harvest Collection, signed by La Maison Les Néréides. If you prefer its friend the redcurrant, it comes in the form of delicious hoop earrings.

AMCM103T/1 AMCM103T/1
Product Details
Stud Earrings:gold-plated brass, lapis-lazuli.
3.5cm Length 1.1cm Width 8.69g Weight
Style #: AMCM103T/1
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