Les Néréides Women’s Dreams Of Orchids Flamboyant Orchids and Cut Crystals statement necklace in Multi

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Collection Description
Emerging from a kaleidoscopic dream, whimsical and acrobatic flowers storm the tops of large tropical trees with their nimble lianas. The diversity of the elusive orchid is fascinating: the pearly Phalaenopsis deploys its delicate butterfly petals while the Cattleya bursts like a multi-coloured, baroque firework. Queen of illusions, the orchid’s colourful pattern can take on the appearance of a psychedelic panther or hint at a vanitas painting. Even the bees that revel in its precious nectar have donned ceremonial attire.
Product Description

The Dreams of Orchids collection and its Flamboyants set will delight the person who wears this haute couture-style statement necklace. Five strikingly detailed gold-colored orchid flowers are linked together by thin gold rings and each flower has a black crystal shaped into a pear or a heart. Collar Necklace: Fine gold-plated jewelry, faceted glass Length: 42 cm Extension: 5 cm Width: 2 cm Depth:1.1 cm Weight: 16.5g  

AOOC312/1 AOOC312/1
Product Details
Fine gold-plated jewellery, faceted glass
Lenght:42cmExtension:5cmWidth:2cmDepth:cmWeight: 16.5g
Style #: AOOC312/1
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