Les Néréides Women’s Forget-me-not and Little Ladybird Thin Bracelet in Multicolor

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Collection Description
There is a secret world, nestled in the hollow of the country gardens, that La Maison Les Néréides is ready to unveil to you with its Miniature Beauties collection. Azure blue forget-me-nots and their pink buds bloom in harmony to the delight of scarlet ladybirds. Hand-enamelled, these costume jewellery earrings, bracelets, necklaces, adjustable and sized rings will be the allies to all your summer looks.
Product Description

La Maison les Néréides presents this thin bracelet for women from the Miniature Beauties collection. A bucolic costume jewellery piece revealing a unique forget-me-not flower and its hand-painted red ladybird on a fine gold chain. The majority of the bracelets signed by Les Néréides are fitted with an extension chain, so you can adjust this bracelet to your liking.

ANBM203/1 ANBM203/1
Product Details
Thin Bracelet : Gold-plated brass, hand-enamelled flower buds and ladybug, glass beads, forget-me-not in light blue faceted crystal
Length: 15,5cm Extension: 3,5cm Width: 1,2cm Depth: cm Weight: 2,5g
Style #: ANBM203/1
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