Les Néréides Women’s Forget-me-nots and Rosebuds Dangling Earrings in Multicolor

Estimated Shipping Date: June 26, 2021
Collection Description
There is a secret world, nestled in the hollow of the country gardens, that La Maison Les Néréides is ready to unveil to you with its Miniature Beauties collection. Azure blue forget-me-nots and their pink buds bloom in harmony to the delight of scarlet ladybirds. Hand-enamelled, these costume jewellery earrings, bracelets, necklaces, adjustable and sized rings will be the allies to all your summer looks.
Product Description

Forget-me-not, a charming little flower, inspires La Maison for its Miniature Beauties collection. This pair of costume jewellery dangling earrings is adorned with hand-painted flowers and rosebuds. The forget-me-nots that make up these earrings will be a delight to wear with the medallion necklace of this collection imagined for bohemian women.

ANBM102T/1 ANBM102T/1
Product Details
Stud Earrings : Gold-plated brass, hand-enamelled flower buds and ladybug, cut crystal pistils, forget-me-not in light blue faceted crystal
Length: 5,3cm Width: 1,2cm Depth: 1,8cm Weight: 5,8g Please note stud, hook and sleepers earrings cannot be exchanged nor returned for hygiene reasons.
Style #: ANBM102T/1
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