Les Néréides Women’s In The Moonlight Snow Owls Babies on Their Branch Semi Rigid Bracelet in White

Product Description
Symbols of good fortune and displaying the most magnificent plumage, two emblematic birds of prey have been the inspiration for this special collection. The heart-shaped mask of the barn owl exemplifies a mother's love for her little ones, further accentuated by the soft and lush surroundings. The more mysterious eagle owl, is represented here as part of this loving duo in the middle of bright purple flowers with their dark indigo-blue leaves. The contrasting colours tell a detailed story in two halves, portrayed by Les Néréides with the utmost sensibility.AECN207/1 AECN207/1
Product Details
Hand-enameled brass, rhinestones, faceted glass, glass beads, 14k gold plated brass chains
Style #: AECN207/1
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