Kind and Happy Triton The Penguin Adjustable Ring

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The troop of our Kind and Happy takes a well-deserved rest this winter. Starving after their crazy adventures, they can fortunately count on Odile, already in her kitchen, whisk in hand ! She has the heart and soul of a pastry chef, but above all Odile remains a well-turned sow in all situations : an impeccable chef hat, a pretty apron, vintage roller-skates and some jewelry, here is our new friend ready to cook a succulent chocolate cake you will remember for a long time !
Product Description
Omnipresent since the advent of web 2.0 and instant messaging, emoticons have revolutionized the way we communicate online by allowing us to transmit a whole range of emotions, actions and situations in a clear and playful manner. N2 is a real fan of them and proves it by presenting the most emblematic emoticons on the heads of its animals giving quite a hilarious result! A blushing seal or a baby lion cub rolling on the floor laughing, to those who ask why, N2 already has the answer : Why not ?AFGJ601/1 AFGJ601/1
Style #: AFGJ601/1
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