La Diamantine Clip-on earrings La Diamantine with 2 asymmetrical pink stones

This essential and irresistible collection is inspired by Hollywood stars and icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe or Jackie Kennedy. This collection is handmade, asll stones are cut and faceted by hand. Each piece is unique.AJLD126C/2 AJLD126C/2
If you need an iconic pair of earrings, this piece is meant for you. The clip-on earrings La Diamantine featuring 2 asymmetrical pink stones are this emblematic collection’s perfect costume jewelry. This year, the chosen color shade is a powder pink, symbol of ultimate gentleness. These costume earrings are made of silvery metal and the stones are hand-cut. Clip-on earrings are suitable for non pierced ears. 2.6cm Length
Length: 2.6cm
Style #: AJLD126C/2
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