Les Néréides Women’s La Diamantine Pink Square Stone Ring in 5.5 (50mm)

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Collection Description
Regardless of the occasion, the Diamantine rhinestones jewels are perfect to enhance your looks with elegance. For a casual look, opt for the heart shaped set and its delicate and discreet romantic jewels. The biggest earrings in the collection will bring glamour to your evening dress. For an unforgettable ceremony, you should indulge with the silver Diamantine iconic river of crystal necklace as your wedding masterpiece of jewelry. Dormeuses earrings and faceted crystal chain bracelets will be the perfect choice for your bridesmaids. The fresh appeal of the sea-green Diamantine is the perfect match to you spring attire. Crystal golden Diamantine clear rings, will bring back sweet memories of the ocean shores and the brightness of the summer sun.
Product Description
Elegantly adorn your hand with La Diamantine Pink square stone ring. The stone of this unique costume jewlry ring is hand-carved, according to La Maison Les Néréides purest tradition creation.ULD602/2 ULD602/21 ULD602/22 ULD602/23 ULD602/24
Product Details
The ring is made of gold plated brass.
Style #: ULD602/2
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