Les Nereides Women’s Miraculous Harvest Adustable Ring in Pink

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Collection Description
For once, Nature lands the leading inspirational role for the artistic direction of its miraculous harvest. Each piece, from the brooch to the adjustable ring, including a majestic bib necklace, is handmade and offers you a privileged setting in the world of high-end costume jewellery. Discover also in our collection all our stud earrings to wear everyday to brighten up your outfits with wild fruits shining like diamonds. Real little gems with a haute couture look are hidden there, find them now on our online jewellery website.
Product Description

A swirl of light takes you into the heart of the Miraculous Harvest Collection with this adjustable redcurrant blossom and delicious berry ring. This hand jewellery brings together all the know-how of la Maison for you, its flowers are hand-enamelled and its bright diamond-like stones are hand-mounted on a finely gilded frame.

AMCM602/1 AMCM602/1
Product Details
Adustable Ring:gold-plated brass, zirconia stones, lapis-lazuli, pink quartz and cornelian.
2.7cm Length 2.1cm Width 3.65g Weight
Style #: AMCM602/1
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