N2 Women’s N2 X Les Nereides Loves Animals Alice in Wonderland, Alice and the Red Queen clip-on earrings in Multi

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Collection Description
N2 shows its attachment to our four-legged friends by supporting Les Néréides Loves Animals association. 15% of the total sales from this exclusive collection will be donated to the animal shelters and welcome centers working for the protection of abandoned animals or those that are sick or in danger. This winter, we present four adorable little bundles of fluff with very playful characters… these are not strange kittens, but rather untamed felines like the lynx or white tiger. Don’t be afraid, there is no danger with these delicate pieces of jewelry made from  polymer, they will make you roar with delight!
Product Description
La Maison Les Néréides reinvents the tales that lulled our childhood in the form of cute animals! This season, N2 reinterprets Alice in Wonderland. On this pair of clip-on earrings, you will find our heroine, who has been transformed into a cat, fighting against an ugly toad who is none other than the Red Queen. Also benefitting Les Néréides Loves Animals, the jewellery in this collection will make wonderful gifts while supporting the work of selected shelters. Clip-on Earrings : Fine gold-plated brass, hand-enamelled figures Length:4,2cm Width:1,4cm Depth:1,2cm Weight: 16,3g Clip-on earrings are suitable for non-pierced ears. Les Néréides Loves Animals is the Foundation created by Les Néréides in 2015 to support animal welfare. 15% of each sale from this exclusive collection is donated to shelters and charities all over the world, selected for their values and dedication to the defense of animal rights. Find out more on lesnereideslovesanimals.orgAONA101C/1 AONA101C/1
Product Details
Fine gold-plated brass, hand-enamelled figures
Length:4.2cm Width:1.4cm Depth:1.2cm Weight: 16.3g
Style #: AONA101C/1
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