N2 by Les Néréides Women’s N2 x Roca Balboa Lily of the valley brooch in Multicolor

Collection Description
A jewelry collection born under a lucky star: The delightfully witty illustrator Roca Balboa has given us the pleasure of introducing yet another collection for N2 by Les Néréides this season. These playful lucky "charm's" certainly live up to their name: lucky stars, vintage talismans, ladybugs, four-leaf clovers, and colorful butterflies. They take effect in an instant: Fortune smiles on you!
Product Description
Illustrator Roca Balboa's colorful and joyful world is partnering with N2. Learn more about this offbeat, fun and feminine collaboration. Flower power is back !AJRB502/1 AJRB502/1
Product Details
The lily of the valley brooch will bring you luck. This unique creation by Roca Balboa pour N2 by Les Néréides is a an ode to happiness. The brooch is made of hand-painted 3D brass. 6.7cm Length
Style #: AJRB502/1
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