Les Néréides Women’s Ostentatious Obscurity Dinosaur's Claws and Stone Necklace in Blue

Collection Description
This collection stands at the counterpart of its sister collection Dazzling Discretion. It differentiates itself through its sophisticated materials and its more obscure symbols. As a contemporary collection that brings together marbled stones and faceted crystal glass, it showcases fashion jewelry pieces featuring dark but yet fascinating insects.
Product Description
The Jurassic period has conquered the spirit of Les Néréides and stands out through the richness of materials used and by symbols taken from the most obscure side of nature. Dinosaurs, with their piercing eyes, create a resolutely contemporary collection that showcases these dark but nonetheless fascinating pieces.AFOO301/1 AFOO301/1
Product Details
Hand-enameled brass, faceted glass, glass beads, rhinestones, reconstituted stones, 14k gold plated brass chains
45cm + 5 cm
Style #: AFOO301/1
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