Les Nereides Women’s Little Garden Purple Poppy Flower And Grape Bunch Ring in 5.5 (50 mm)

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Collection Description
Step into the nurturing garden of Maison Les Néréides, a small earthly Eden that will awaken your senses. In the orchard, poppies and zinnia flowers have conspired amongst themselves to show off their colours, offering fruit trees a dazzling setting. In this swarming world the delightful scent of flowers charms a cloud of butterflies, while golden acorns are quick to attract sparrows and squirrels. For now however, fill your wicker basket with succulent fruits: juicy grapes, crunchy apples and tender pears.
Product Description

Pendants are one of the key elements of our creations. For its Little Garden collection, La Maison Les Néréides proposes to embellish this fine ring from its flowery set with a purple beads grapes bunch pendant. The two poppies in bloom are strikingly detailed and bring a touch of color to the most basic outfits as well as complementing light skin tones.

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Product Details
Lenght:2.49cm Width:2cm Depth:1.6cm Weight: 4.42g
Fine gold-plated jewelry, hand-enamelled country flowers, cut crystals and cardinal grape in glass beads
Style #: AOPJ605
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