Les Néréides Women’s The Lucky Ones Black Onyx Solitaire Ring in 6 (52 mm)

Collection Description
Precious touches of gold and silver to express your affection for the one you love… Authentic charms engraved with symbols of love, infinity, luck, and harmony, these pieces of jewelry are set with semi-precious stones, from which they draw their mystical energy. Bring together the power of amethyst, rose quartz, onyx, and green agate for an inspired winter.
Product Description
The black stone solitaire ring supplements The Lucky Bracelets Collection with a new jewel for the ladies. This size ring is made up of gold-plated brass. This costume jewelry piece is adorned with a black onyx semi-precious stone.AKBC602/14 AKBC602/11 AKBC602/12 AKBC602/13 AKBC602/14
Product Details
2 cm Length, 2 cm Width
Style #: AKBC602/14
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