Les Néréides Women’s La Diamantine Deep Sparkling Blue Heart Stone Thin Bracelet in Sparkling midnight blue

Collection Description
This essential and irresistible collection is inspired by Hollywood stars and icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe or Jackie Kennedy. This collection is handmade, all stones are cut and faceted by hand, each piece is unique.
Product Description

Emblem of eternal love, the heart is a recurring symbol in the Diamantine collections. This elegant bracelet lays a midnight blue heart on your wrist, surrounded by a gold setting, it will never leave you! Carry with you a moment of poetry signed by La Maison Les Néréides.

AMLD253/1 AMLD253/1
Product Details
Thin Bracelets: gold-plated brass, faceted glass-stone, sparkling deep blue shade.
15cm Length 0.9cm Width 3cm Extension 4.21g Weight
Style #: AMLD253/1
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