N2 Women’s Midnight Permission Pumpkin, Spool of Thread and Mouse, Cinderella, Clock and Slipper charm bracelet in Multi

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Product Description
The pumpkin, the mouse and its spool of thread, Cinderella, the clock and the shoe are all part of this original charm bracelet signed N2 by Les Néréides. This whimsical jewel will take you back to childhood. The Stroke of Midnight collection allows you to discover or rediscover this emblematic tale. Thin Bracelet : Fine gold-plated brass, hand-enamelled figures Length:15cm Extension:3,5Width:2,15cm Depth:0,8cm Weight: 14gAOCE201/1 AOCE201/1
Product Details
Fine gold-plated brass, hand-enamelled figures
Length:15cm Extension:3.5Width:2.15cm Depth:0.8cm Weight: 14g
Style #: AOCE201/1
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