Nicolas Buffe is a French artist living in Japan whose work mixes with ingenuity and audacity classicism and modernity, past and present, ancestral myths and cartoons. . Nicolas is also reputed for his impressive sculptures and has more recently worked with Pierre Hermé to renew the design of the stores and boxes of the famous pastry chef. Appreciative of his playful and transgressive work, N2 invited Nicolas Buffe to draw a collection of jewels representing the Yokai, supernatural creatures from Japanese folklore. Peopled by ordinary humans who underwent a transformation, domestic objects coming up to life for their 100th birthday and animals gifted with magical abilities, the immense universe of the Yokai inspired us a very graphic collection where each model tells a story. Creative and nonconformist, this new collaboration is a nice tribute to Japan, while highlighting phantasmagoric creatures which have a very evident place in the universe of N2.
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