Tea Time Palace

Once again N2 reveals its technical talent and creativity with this larger than life jewelry collection. Transparent polymer and enamel and spangled enamel are transformed into ice and snow to transport us into this wonderful universe. After a quick detour to the sweetshop and a healthy break in the vegetable garden, N2 entices you into its favourite coffee shop: the Tea Time Palace Meringues, chocolate eclairs and madeleines scurry about in order to serve you some succulent rum babas, tarts and fried eggs.N2 reinvents an incredible and totally surrealist universe in which creators let their imaginations run wild. After having discovered all of the different characters and their adventures, there is only one thing left to do: some surprises are waiting for you in the kitchens of Tea Time Palace… One last word of advice: taste the lemon tea, especially if you like it well-brewed…
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