Les Nereides Women’s Little Garden Pink Poppy Flower And Sweet Pear Clip On Earrings in Multicolor

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Collection Description
Step into the nurturing garden of Maison Les Néréides, a small earthly Eden that will awaken your senses. In the orchard, poppies and zinnia flowers have conspired amongst themselves to show off their colours, offering fruit trees a dazzling setting. In this swarming world the delightful scent of flowers charms a cloud of butterflies, while golden acorns are quick to attract sparrows and squirrels. For now however, fill your wicker basket with succulent fruits: juicy grapes, crunchy apples and tender pears.
Product Description

Handcrafted, each pear in this pair of clip on earrings is carefully painted and varnished in a yellow and red color. Two crunchy fruits for earrings, paired with realistic pink poppy flowers to offer a feminine piece of jewelry from the Little Garden collection, signed by Les Néréides.

AOPJ109C/1 AOPJ109C/1
Product Details
Length:3.1cm Width:1.3cm Depth:1.3cm Weight: 10.28g
Fine gold-plated jewelry, hand-enamelled country flowers, painted metal and resin fruits, cut crystals
Style #: AOPJ109C/1
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