Les Néréides Women’s Nectar of the Sun Sunflower Cocktail Ring in 5.5 (50 mm)

Estimated Shipping Date: January 3, 2021
Collection Description
Product Description
Like a sunflower turning towards the sun, your eyes will not be able to resist looking at this flower and its corolla gilded in fine gold ... The new Nectar of the Sun collection is exquisitely finished to perfectly complement your style. Each piece is delicately made with bright and shiny zirconium oxide stones which sparkle like diamonds. Don’t miss out on the selection of women’s jewellery at La Maison Les Néréides.ALNS602 ALNS602/11 ALNS602/12 ALNS602/13 ALNS602/14
Product Details
Cocktail Ring : setting in gold-plated textured brass, enhanced with semi-transparent enamel, perforated millegrain metal lace sunflower.
2.9cm Length 3cm Width 10.63g Weight
Style #: ALNS602
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