Les Néréides Women’s Thousand Pansies Blue pansy and faceted crystal clip-on earrings in Blue

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Collection Description
In the dead of winter, this is one of the few flowers that blooms in spite of the cold. Don't be fooled by its delicate silhouette : The pansy (like its cousin, the Violet) is a force of nature. You can opt for baroque extravagance, stacking these opulent pieces, or for the simple, contemporary freshness of a single flower. Either way, this sweet yet lively collection will flatter anyone.
Product Description
Do not miss out on these Pansy blue and crystal clip earrings, whose enamelling defies the very beauty of nature. The Thousand Pansies Collection from La Maison Les Néréides is a reflection of our expertise in the finesse of hand enamelling. The petals have a bluish gradient, a strong yellow heart and a violet iridescence, a clever mix of colour imparting a timeless elegance to this women's stylish jewel. Wear the Pansy dormeuse together with the violet Pansy bracelet for total radiance!These clip-on earrings are made up of gold plated brass and are hand-enamelled. The flower is adorned with a faceted glass stone. Clip-on earrings are suitable for non-pierced ears.AKMP103C/1 AKMP103C/1
Product Details
2cm Length. 2cm Width. 9.26g Weight
Style #: AKMP103C/1
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